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Wait, what? You just missed that squirrel 3 times? No Problemo! Look down at your waist! You've got straps containing 2 backup shotgun shells on your KG Predator Fanny Pack built for this very scenario. It also has a cupholder for your water bottle. This fanny pack is a squirrel's worst nightmare. Plus, it's CAMO! So you can hold all your stuff but still look tough!

The KG hunting fanny pack is composed of 3 pockets and a water bottle holder. The largest pocket, located on top, can hold almost anything. When I hunt, I use it to hold extra shells/bullets along with my phone and a small snack, like a chicken leg. The front center pocket also provides some utility space. The smaller pouch on the left hand side of the bag is great for holding small pieces such as an interesting acorn you found. 

The water bottle holder is great for holding water bottles...

The strap that holds the pack to your waist is fully adjustable. The buckle is made from a polymer material to ensure durability. 

The camo color is basic digital woodland. With a strong mix of greens, browns, and blacks, the woodland camo will blend in with nearly every woodland environment.

Placed on front of the pack, there are two shotgun shell sleeves. Both 12,16, and 20 gauges will fit into these sleeves with ease! The concept of the sleeves are for quick follow up shots incase you miss on your initial burst. 

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