KG Lightweight Hunting Gloves!

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Weighing in at under 0.6 ounces per glove, the KG Lightweight Hunting Gloves are perfect for early/late season or in location where the temperatures  are moderate! With finger tips cut off, you can still access mobile devices as well as other activities where precision handwork is need! Like loading bullets or setting traps! Personally, I love using these gloves for squirrel, turkey, and crow hunting. In these scenarios, the temps are usually not extremely cold yet you need to be fully camouflaged. That is where these gloves come in! Able to camouflage your hands without overheating and making your hands sweat. 

Available in two sizes: Small/Medium & Large/Extra Large. Measure around knuckles of the palm of the hand for measurements. Do not include thumb in measurements. 

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