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KG Jäger Pro Scope Video:


Will this fit on my 270? Yes, it should fit and work perfectly on any centerfire rifle.

Is this scope good for long range? Yes, this scope is purposely built for super long shots with extreme precision.

Will this Scope fit on my 22? Yes. However unless your 22 has 20mm weaver rails, you will need to get different scope rings that fit the 11mm on your 22. In my opinion, I would suggest the Rimfire Recon for any 22.


Fitted with windage and elevation turrets, the KG Jäger Pro Scope is perfect for larger caliber rifles and long range shooting!

The included scope rings are no Exception. With a large lug nut clamping down on the 20mm rail on your rifle. Nitrogen filled into the scope tube is another major plus. This aids with temperature changes as well as an anti-fog mechanism. 

A built in parallax adjuster along the front of the scope will help your crosshairs always be in focus of your target. If your target is at 100 yards, simply turn the parallax to the 100 mark. If your target is at 300 yards, do the same and turn the parallax adjuster to the 300 mark.

The crosshairs themselves are a new design for KG optics. With multiple dots, hashes, and ruler systems within the crosshairs for maximum reference points for bullet drop at longer distances.

The 4-18 magnification adjuster also helps in long ranges. Allowing you to zoom in up to 18x to really get a good look at your target!


The Jäger Pro is a 4-18x44 AO

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