KG Hatchet




The KG Hatchet is a saplings worst nightmare! The hatchet is perfect for hunting, survival, or camping situations. The hatchet sheath helps conceal the hatchet without worry of the blade accidentally cutting something.

With a razor sharp main blade, the hatchet is fully capable of downing trees of multiple thicknesses. The lightweight design of the hatchet allows you to really pick up speed. Making the hatchet cut wood like butter. 

The G-10 handle provides exceptional grip. Unlike most hatchets, the steel of the blade extends all the way down to the top of the handle. This way, the head of the hatchet will never break off of the handle.

The lightweight and streamline design also make the hatchet double as a tomahawk. With the ability to be thrown with extreme accuracy, this makes the KG hatchet the most versatile hatchet on the market!

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