KG Binoculars

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KG Binoculars:

The KG Binoculars!  With crystal clear glass and a supervision field of view, these are the real deal! When we created these, we wanted extremely powerful and quality binoculars while still making them small and compact. With these binos, they are so lightweight you can hold them steady with only one hand!

The eye relief adjusters help you always achieve the perfect amount of eye relief! If you wear glasses, leave them screwed in. If you don’t, screw them out for the perfect eye relief! Eye relief is the distance from the pupil of your eye to the glass of the binoculars. Perfect eye relief allows you to have a very wide field of view.

The KG binoculars come with their own carrying pounce as well as flip up lens covers on the front and detachable lens covers on the back.

The magnification is 10x with a 42mm objective lens allowing plenty of light to enter the binos. This is preferred for longer range spotting. 



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